December 2, 2021 

Helsinki-based startup Monzuun has raised its first investment round to develop and scale its automatic software & platform for monitoring and optimizing customer interaction in call centers and outbound calling. 

The funding round totaling over €250K was completed by Gorilla Capital, four FIBAN angel investors, Business Finland and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment (ELY-keskus). 

Monzuun is a Finnish tech company founded in 2014. The development for the unique method of dialog feature analysis started in early 2018. 

Monzuun drives great value for call centers, both inbound and outbound, by improving customer engagement and sales – in any language 

Understanding and measuring customer interaction unlocks huge potential for improvement. Monzuun makes the dynamics of customer dialog transparent. The analytics deliver guidance on when to listen, when to pitch, how to create customer involvement and satisfaction. The secret sauce of the top performers in the team no longer remains secret. 

Monzuun analytics and interaction guidance help the business to: 

* Understand the drivers of positive outcomes during customer interaction 

* Deliver actionable, concrete and personal interaction guidance 

* Monitor and measure what has been hidden: the critical moments during 


* Implement best interaction practices into everyday’s work. 

The features of interaction will be discovered regardless of the language spoken – the method is scalable across languages. 

Monzuun has customers in industries like healthcare, insurance, media, retail, transport and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). 

Seed Investment from Finnish Investors 

The first investment round of the company was completed with Gorilla Capital together with four experienced FIBAN angel investors Sami Haavisto, Jussi Heinilä, Mikko Nikkanen and Ismo Olkkonen. 

– Globally there is a sub-market emerging for advanced speech analytics; players operating beyond speech-to-text. Monzuun aims to hit this sweet spot, says Sami Haavisto, one of the investors. 

More Information: 

Risto Pyykkönen 

CEO, Co-Founder Monzuun Oy, +358 43 824 4853