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…but how do you do it?

The Monzuun solution analyzes interactions and guides sales and customer service to best practices. This results in stable quality and maximized customer satisfaction – all based on data.

Monzuun makes sales work even more rewarding by pinpointing the most relevant parts and development actions in conversations. The solution increases the efficiency of customer contact time management, both on the individual and on the team level.

Jumping straight to the relevant parts saves management time. Even better, Monzuun’s AI-based solution inspires salespeople and customer service agents.


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A coaching team manager monitors activities, not only targets and results. This makes work more rewarding and reduces stress. Monzuun is a solution for you and your team for learn and develop from good to best.

The Monzuun analysis is language independent. You can pick the service level that suits you best, out of three options.

All data is processed in alignment with GDPR and other relevant privacy policies.



  • Recognising & Clustering Interaction styles. What kind of conversational patterns exist in your contact center?
  • What kind of activity is characteristical of these style clusters? See the individual differences in customer listening, asking questions and leading the discussion.


(+ standard)
  • What are the outcomes of various interaction styles? What kind of interaction makes customers happy/ involved/inspired?
  • What needs to change in individual styles to improve customer satisfaction or efficiency?


(+ PRO)
  • Individual standards and metrics for conversation guidance for team managers and/or service agents.
  • Automatic KPI alerts for detecting interaction features that deteriorate Csat or efficiency. 
  • Automatic conversation guidance. 



  • Recognising and clustering typical sales patterns as they are now. Which are typical styles inside the team to create dialog and seek closing.
  • If there are phases in leading the dialog, how do they show?
  • What kind of sales conversation is characteristical for various styles? Is it asking questions, dominant pitching or active dialog?


(+ standard)
  • Which interaction styles sell best?
  • What kind of interaction styles are most likely to close deals?


(+ PRO)
  • Individual standards and metrics for sales agents/team managers.
  • Continuous monitoring to keep on track with best sales practices.
  • KPI alerts to detect deviations from best practices.

Funded by the European Union

The AI-based conversation analysis service developed by Monzuun Oy makes the interaction and style of phone conversations transparent. 

Monzuun’s method is independent of text and language models. With Monzuun’s method, you can control the operation of the call center on a practical level. The method is language-independent, therefore it scales to international operations faster than text-based models.The product development project receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund.


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