The Total Experience Contact Conference will be held on 19 May. There’s a lot of stuff with several professionals. The theme takes us into a world of multi-experience and future customer service, where empathy skills and technology capabilities are emphasized.

In addition to Miia Savaspuro & Jose Ahonen, the ✨ program will include diamond professionals: Tanja HaapamäkiRatkaisutoimisto Seedi – Katriina KalavainenCaruna – Juho KoliSäästöpankkiryhmä – Anna Mari Koutroukides✨KREAPAL DESIGN OY – Tuulia NissinenBittium – Risto PyykkönenMonzuun Ltd – Niko SviiliLassila & Tikanoja and winners caset Wisdomic Oy – Part of Frendy and Visma Solutions Oy, Netvisor Customer Care.

The programme has 12 speeches: case stories, in-deepening speeches and excellent keynote speakers!

💫 Manage to offer the best possible multi-experience.
💫 Create a diamond customer path. 
💫 Develop the working life skills of new-day customer service.
💫 Understand the role of man and automation in the future.
💫 Think about the importance of trust and emotion.

Warmly welcome to the multi-experience!

More Information:

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